Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back in Bali

The crew is in Bali and SV Villa G is in Singapore.  We flew down 3 days ago.  Bali is having flight disruptions again.  This time due to a volcano on nearby Lombok Island.  We were lucky and the winds were moving the plumb away from Bali and our flight operated.  Late, but much better than cancelled!  We were on Air Asia.  The head flight attendant was Ms Maria Marguerita whose Indonesian has a Spanish accent.  We were on a flight with here last July from Darwin to Bali too. Who could forget an Indonesian name like that?

We spent two nights in Kuta so that we could go shopping with Roland looking for doors for Villa Cengkeh.  We can recommend staying at the Fontana Hotel on Jl Dewi Sri.  It is designed by the reknown Balinese architect Popo Danes.  You can get a great deal there in the off season and it is very convenient for shopping.  We were successful is finding the doors we needed and have now gone over to the Lovina area and are staying in Kalibukbuk at Sari House.  A nice guest house operated by Ibu Ketut (+65 877 6258 8191).  It is only 50 meters from Buda Bakery and Restaurant which has great meals, sandwiches, salads, pastries and homemade ice cream.  Ginger and lemongrass are our favorites.

There are always fascinating things to see on the trip over to Lovina from Denpasar.

Hindu temple

Restaurant with odd statues and art

Baskets, brooms and hats, daily necessities

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

We arrived in Singapore yesterday and berthed in the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) located on the southwest coast of Singapore close to the National University of Singapore.  The marina has no seawall and is adjacent to a very busy dock that is used by the boats transporting staff and goods out to the many ships at anchor.  Thus, as one might expect, there is a lot of swell working its way in and all boats here are rocking and rolling.  Fortunately we were able to get a "single" berth which means that we are able to tie dock lines on all sides and not be held onto a pontoon.  We are berthed at D11.  The staff is helpful and Zaina who manages the marine is very capable and was most responsive when I call for a berth.


We got our official "clearance" from Immigration by anchoring off of Sisters Island and waiting 15 minutes for their launch to come by.  No tying together, no boarding.  They have a net on a stick such as one uses to bring in fish into which one puts the paperwork and passports.  After reviewing the papers, stamping things, they are returned the same way.  The marina is about 45 minutes from the clearance anchorage.

The bars, restaurants, pool, showers and gym here are first rate.  The pontoons in the marina have seen better days.  Mostly motor vessels here and a few catamarans that do charter.  Note the blue skies in the photos.  The 3 months of smoky haze has finally been blown away.  What a relief!

There are also 3 very special boats berthed across from us.  These are from a Singapore company called Zycraft.  See  Their boats are manufactured from carbon fiber and carbon nanotubes and used for very specialized work.  One is even an unmanned vessel that can patrol at sea for up to 30 days at a time.
Zycraft vessels: unmanned on left, anti priate escort on right