Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Balinese Birthday Celebration

I (Dana) successfully reached 66 years of age and was feted at Lovina's Spice Beach Club.  It was a beautiful moonlit night and the crowd was happy and there was live music.  Roland and Nyoman are two of the principals in Tropis Living that is building our new home, Villa Cengkeh.  Conveniently, Nyoman owns the Spice Beach Club located in Lovina's Kaliasem village.  The food here is excellent and the staff quite professional (what else with the boss sitting at the table?)  I enjoyed Lombok scallops and Asian duck breast for dinner.

To my surprise, the dinner was followed by a huge serving of traditional nasi kuning campur (yellow rice with a selection of yummies) AND a tiramisu birthday cake.

It was a wonderful occasion and super way to celebrate.

Lovina's Spice Beach Club

Mr. Roland and wife, Dana and Mr. Nyoman and wife

Traditional Balinese Nasi Kuning
Dana and Susan

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Back in Bali: Sanur in the South

We flew into Denpasar, Bali today. We will go shopping for furniture and then go to Lovina.

Monday, February 8, 2016

More from Straits Quay Marina Penang

Today is Chinese New Year's and we are enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the holiday here in Penang.  There are some noteworthy updates since we were staying here over two years ago.  First, Sam's Groceria which is a first class market with a focus on imported food products and fresh fruit and veggies.  It also has a large selection of ready to eat for enjoying in their cafe or take away.

Secondly, there is now a non-halal meat shop.  Specifically that means they sell a lot of pork products including imported bacon, sausages and fresh pork products too.
Entrance to Straits Quay Shopping Area
The new Sam's Groceria at Straits Quay

The "Pork" Store at Straits Quay

The Marina at Straits Quay

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Penang Malaysia

We had a very nice dinner with our friend Geron Ngo (of Onomichi Marine Enterprises) and his family in a seafood restaurant at Straits Quay Mall and then returned to SV Villa G to enjoy Australian Bulla chocolate-chocolate chip real ice cream from Sam's Groceria (also in Straits Quay Mall).  Wow, two liters of ice cream just disappeared.

Juni (far right in photo) will be attending University in Adelaide beginning next week.  Joey, sitting to the right of Susan, is a University student studying mass media in Taiwan.  To the left of Juni is Jerome who is a high school student here in Penang.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Chinese New Year in Penang Malaysia

Penang is about as Chinese as you can get without being in China.
Excellent Chinese food is to be found everywhere and experts claim it
is the best. Of course, there is excellent Indian food to be found
here too. Even a Burger King if needed.

Villa G is comfortably situated in a berth in Straits Quay Marina
where she will stay for two months. Susan and Dana will take a 3 week
trip to Lovina Bali to look after the Villa Cengkeh construction