Sunday, October 25, 2020

Covid-19 for the long haul: Miami, FL

There comes a point when folks just have to ignore the news prattle and begin to evaluate the situation and make decisions for ones self.  I think it was mid August when it became apparent that neither Indonesia nor the United States were going to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under any semblance of "control".  From purely a scientific/medical perspective, It became obvious that there would be no relief from the pandemic for at least a year.  Whether that's real time or "scientific" time, I'm still not sure.  

Weighing the various options, Susan and I decided to stay in Florida and looked at the various opportunities for living arrangements.  We were quite fortunate to find a very nicely furnished apartment available for lease in the Brickell area of Miami.  We have two bedrooms on the 31st floor of a 1980s Helmsley built condo appropriately named The Palace.  After all, Leona Helmsley was the Queen, some say the Queen of Mean.  At her trial for tax related charges brought by then US Attorney Rudy Giuliani, a witness stated overhearing her say, "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes."  Does that make you think of someone else?

Our rental unit is nicely laid out and, as most of the apartments in this building, it goes through the building with views over Biscayne Bay and over Miami to the west.  The most important feature is the huge swimming pool.  Susan can swim 25 meter laps.  Everyone in the building is required to wear face masks when outside their unit.  The staff here are very nice and most helpful.  

We try to get an hour of walking everyday.  The are real sidewalks here including one along the sea overlooking Biscayne Bay.  I think it would be an interesting area in "normal" times, but rather quite now.  We are adjacent to the business district and there seem to be only a few people actually coming into to the skyscraper office buildings.  Miami has a lot of great restaurants, but now is not the time for dining out.  Fortunately, we have a nice kitchen and Susan cooks wonder meals.  Just look at that home prepared pastrami using a fresh brisket from Fresh Market.