Saturday, August 29, 2015

Passagmaking: Darwin to Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia

Villa G left Darwin's Cullen Bay Lock at 9am on 27 August. We are now about 200 nautical miles from Kupang where we plan to "check-in" with Indonesia Customs and Immigration. We are two nights out and it has been uneventful accept for adjusting to being back at sea after almost six months.

There has been only light wind, so we are motoring. Fortunately, we have an extra 750 liter diesel fuel bladder on the foredeck that gives us great confidence in having sufficient fuel. In fact, we should be able to motor to Singapore if necessary. The weather is very good. Not too cool, not too hot and mostly clear skies. The water is about 28.5 C.

Dolphins have visited several times and swim in our wake near the bow. One Blue Footed Booby visited for about a half hour. We have just passed a major offshore oil and gas production area and left the Australian economic exclusion zone, so Indonesian fishing boats should be popping up now and again. Tonight may be a bit busier than the first two when we only saw one other ship each night.

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