Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Waiting out the wind near Kho Lanta

There have been strong winds for several days due to a blizzard
producing high pressure over China. These winds sweep down over the
Malay peninsula blasting everything with frequent gusts of 30 knots
even a few hundred meters from the protecting shore.

Since it is not fun to sail with such gusty winds and finding good
protective anchorages a challenge too, we departed Phuket last
Saturday and motor sailed over to Kho Lanta. This is a long island
with mountains. We are just taking it easy and reading and doing

Today Susan baked fresh bread. What a good use of free time. Also,
with the consistent winds, I have sorted out the problem with our wind
generator and seem to have it producing power now.

Wednesday we will sail on toward Malaysia. We need to be in Penang by
1 February.

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