Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Great to be back in Bali for Galungan

We flew back to Bali from Langkawi a few days ago.  It is great to be home!  All of Bali is green now as the rains have continued.  Villa Cengkeh's gardens look really nice and the house was so inviting.  Mr. Roland's crew made small repairs while we were gone.

It is now time for the Balinese Holiday of Galungan.  It is a time to celebrate the success of good over bad (dharma versus adharma).  Temples are cleaned up and re-decorated and many prayers are said at various village and family temples.  It is said that the spirits of former inhabitants return to earth for a ten day visit.

Female staff have a day off to prepare for the holiday activities and all staff are free tomorrow for the important day (Hari Raya).
Susan with the staff who did the decorating

Penjors at the main gate

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