Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Stockholm - September 2019

We had a great two weeks in Stockholm while staying in a very nice Airbnb apartment on Swedenborgsgatan near the south station.  We had lived for 14 years nearby on Bellmansgatan.  The weather was not very cooperative.  It was very cool and wet.  Just the opposite of last year. 

We walked as much as weather permitted and even had a lot of experience with our new rain gear which worked amazingly well.  We did a fair amount of museum visiting too.  For the first time, we viewed the areas open to the public in Drottingholm Slottet.  Quite impressive.  Photography is now permitted and was a real plus.  However, more impressive is the newly remodeled National Museum in Stockholm.  The renovation was done very tastefully and brought the artwork close to the visitors.  Photography was allowed there too.  There was so much to see that we visited twice. 

All our photos from Sweden can be seen HERE.

View from our apartment on Swedenborggatan, Stockholm

Library, Drottingholm Slottet outside of Stockholm

View from the National Museum

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