Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bali's Nyepi: Out with the evil and in with the good

We will leave Bali the day before Nyepi, the Balinese New Year when all is quite.  Seriously, it will be quite.  No cars on the road, all flights cancelled and ALL businesses closed.  Guests will be required to stay in their hotel or resort.

However, leading up to Nyepi is a rush to complete paper mache constructions of evil which will be marched to the sea, burned and then cast in to rid the island of the evil spirits had may have accumulated over the past year. The next day will be Nyepi, or New Year's Day

Every Banjar, or community within a Balinese village, is busy preparing Ogoh-Ogoh, these are puppet like creations of frightful figures varying from small for the kids to gigantic for the Banjar.  Below are photos of the Ogoh-Ogoh being created here near our guest house in Kalibukbuk.  The young people at the school are preparing to dance the big Olga-Olga to the sea accompanied by musicians seen practicing outside the school.
The unfinshed Olga-Olga of the Banjar

Olga-Olga at a local shop

Members of the school orchestra

Practice for dancing the Olga-Olga to the beach

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