Saturday, March 26, 2016

Crusing Season for 2015-2016 Drawing to a Close

We berthed in Phuket's Boat Lagoon Marina at noon today on the high tide.  That's 3274 nautical miles since leaving Darwin's Cullen Bay last August.  It was not a conventional cruise as we were somewhat sidetracked with the process of building our new home in Bali (see  We anchored in Lovina Bali for 3 weeks on the way north, flew to Bali from Singapore as well as from Penang to check on things.  So it has actually rushed cruise and generally uneventful except for losing the hydraulic steering one night and a water-maker problem that required parts sent from the USA.

We will have Villa G repainted and other, mostly cosmetic, work done here in Phuket by Nai and Toe at Phuket Inter Woodwork.  We will take off the sails and lines and get them cleaned and repaired, remove most things that might be in the way of the paint work etc.  So we will be in the water about a week and stay here another week once Villa G is up on the hardstand to complete all the arrangements.

We plan to fly back to Bali on 9 April and move into Villa Cengkeh by 15 May.  It is very exciting for us.  Like most people, we have never built a house from scratch.  Of course, we are not "building" per se, but enjoying the fruits of skilled Indonesian workers and the fine organizational skills of Tropis-Living's Roland Leijten.

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