Wednesday, August 29, 2018

August in Sweden

We returned to Sweden for the first time in four years. This has been a warm summer there and our first week was rather like Bali, but it reverted to normal and the day time temps were 22C or less. We began in Uppsala where we spent a delightful week with friends Claes and Karin Höjenberg from our post-doctoral days at the Biomedical Centrum in Uppsala. The city has really developed nicely and it is very enjoyable. Walking or biking are the preferred modes of transport. Like most Swedish cities, there is a real effort to discourage use of autos.
Susan (L) with Claes and Karin
After a week exploring the Uppsala area and enjoying the fine meals prepared by Claes we took a Waxholm's ferry  to the Island of Lådna.  The island is 3 hours east of Stockholm in the middle archipelago.  We stayed there for two weeks in July 2008 in a charming cottage owned by Ann.  This time we booked on Airbnb.  Before Ann had her own website.  It was very nice to see Ann again and to enjoy the nature of the island.  A real benefit to staying here is that this is one of the few islands which has a grocery store open year around.  
Ann's dock on norrvik (north bay)
Our third week was spent in a very nice flat on the Stockholm City island of 

Södermalm.  We lived only 15 minutes walking distance away from this Airbnb flat for 13 years.  

While in Stockholm we visited more friends, did shopping for Bali and Susan cooked some really nice meals in our apartment.  Stockholm is a great city for walking and having coffee and pastries in the numerous konditori and bakeries.  It is also a nice place to provision.  While not exactly Paris, we were able to get some very nice Nordic cheeses to bring back to Bali.  

Our return flights were with Qatar Airways.  Very smooth connections in Doha and very effiecient lasting only 16 hours in total.  Of course we were happy to arrive back at Villa Cengkeh!

Sveavägen 21, Uppsala, Sweden - we lived upstairs in 1977-1978

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