Monday, June 8, 2020

Sitting out the Covid-19 in the USA

In mid April we decided it best to return to the USA due to the corona virus pandemic.  It had been six years since we had been in the US together.  Susan has been to see her sisters, but I had stayed in Bali.  

We flew on empty planes from Bali to South Korea, Detroit then to RDU in NC.  We had booked an AirBNB house in Carrboro and we stayed, more or less in quarantine for two weeks.  At least it was familiar, but at the same time, very strange.  Some people were going about as if the world had never had a pandemic.  Landscaping and construction seemed to being going full speed ahead.  On the other hand, no students were around, bars were closed and a few restaurants were offering takeout and/or delivery.  We got groceries delivered from Whole Foods and Lowe's Food.  Both worked well.  

Eventually we hired a Avis car.  They offered me the one I had booked but it had NY plates which was not acceptable since we planned to go to Flordia (that had special tracking etc for people from NY and other Democrat governed states in the northeast.  I asked to change and he gave me a car with TN plates...a dark grey Lincoln Continental.  I feel like Florida mafia driving around in this thing.  Avis's parking lot was full of cars.  The only person working there told me that he had only seen cars come in, none going out except for mine.  

The guest house,101 Clay Street, Green Cove Springs, FL
We drove to Green Cove Springs, FL.  This is the town where our mail has been handled for at least ten years; however, we had never been there before.  We hired a very comfortable, furnished house on a month to month basis.  It is on the St. John's river.  The the owners have a big house and two guest houses on about 7 acres.  There are beautiful live oaks, magnolias, owls, pileated woodpeckers (Dryocopus pileatus), sea eagles and many song birds.  Their boat dock is on a pier going out 900 feet into the river.  Susan swims from the dock almost daily.  It is a beautiful setting. 

The dock on the St. John's river

At this point we are taking the wait and see attitude.  Many things are hard to predict, especially the future.

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